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Guildhall, Bristol

We are currently engaged as subcontractors on the prestigious Guildhall refurbishment project in Bristol, with Paton Developments serving as the Principal Contractor. This ambitious project involves the combination of refurbishing the historic Guildhall and constructing a new building between the hotel’s two facades.

Our responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, including the installation of drainage systems within confined spaces such as tunnels, breaking out ground for mass concrete fills and lift pits, and pouring mass concrete bases, reinforced concrete (RC) ground beams, and basement slabs. We are also handling the removal of excavated material and performing extensive work within tunnels, such as reducing existing ground levels, installing new drainage systems, and casting new slabs. Additionally, we are casting basement, ground, and superstructure slabs and vertical elements to form the new hotel, forming openings through existing walls to integrate the new build with the old structure, and excavating and forming the substation base. This refurbishment will provide luxurious hotel accommodations in the heart of Bristol, offering guests access to vibrant city entertainment, including a cocktail bar within the building itself.

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